James Audubon

John James Audubon, naturalist and artist famous for his drawings and paintings of North American birds, died on January 27, 1851, in New York City. He was sixty-five years old.

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Welcome to Thompson Creek Wealth Advisors, where we build your own team of dedicated wealth advisors in the areas of Investment Management, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Estate and Tax Planning collaborating to help you accomplish your goals. We add Peace of Mind to your life by coordinating and managing ALL of these keystones which make up your financial wall of security.

We are fee-only advisors. We have no financial relationships with any brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, insurance companies or money managers; the only compensation we receive is from our clients. We offer objective advice based solely on your goals, your needs and your overall well being.

As fiduciaries of the public trust we are required by law to place our clients’ interests ahead of our own and to disclose any conflicts of interest. We would never choose any other way.

  • Fee only Financial, Tax and Estate Planning
  • Fee only Investment Management
  • Fee Only Insurance

We are passionately committed to intensively focusing on your goals. You deserve nothing less than the service that Thompson Creek provides. What is the point of doing well in life if you have to worry about managing the finances that make it possible? At Thompson Creek we bring a team of professionals together who understand the intricacies of Wealth Management and combine it with a coordinated process to help you and your family attain a life lived well.

Thompson Creek Wealth Advisors “Partners for Attaining a Life Lived Well”


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Asset Management

Our firm's goal is to earn solid absolute investment returns over long periods of time without exposing our clients' capital to undue risk.

Investment Consulting

In addition to managing your assets directly, when appropriate we will also consult on and integrate into your investment plan any assets not managed directly by Thompson Creek.

Financial Planning

We are personally committed to an objective, exacting and intense focus on your goals.

Estate Planning

You have spent considerable effort and time the accumulating assets over a lifetime, and the more successful you have been the more your exposure to estate taxes has increased.